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Dr. Dean Van Leuven, The Dean of Peace

A life filled with eclectic careers created a tapestry of such powerful insights and observations about love versus anger for Dean Van Leuven that it's no wonder he is known as the Dean of Peace.


"I always felt I was here in this existence to learn something special."

Today Dean is the messenger who shows you the way to completely eliminate anger from your life and fill it with peace, love and joy.


Growing up on a farm in the beautiful Oregon coastal community of Bandon, Dean was surrounded by a loving family who inspired him to do well in school and excel in football which paid his way through college where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. When recalling his childhood he refers to the memorable "Gathering of the Cousins" for holidays and special occasions.


"There were always special occasions," he chuckles. Today Dean and his lovely wife, Pat - with 10 children, 22 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren - continue that fun tradition of frequent family gatherings.

Dean passed up an opportunity to play professional football to become an Air Force Captain and Aircraft Commander followed by a career as a Procedures Writer for the Aerospace Industry.


Next he earned his Doctor of Jurisprudence in Law and practiced International Business Law in Europe, Asia and Australia. Eventually he opened a small private practice in Oregon, taking time out to also serve as a City Judge. It was during these years that he developed a keen interest in anger issues and began his study of aspects related to personal growth.


"I came to realize the benefits of being without anger would be so powerful and life transforming that I wanted this for myself. I made the commitment to learn how to change my response patterns and decided I would no longer accept anger in my life", says Dean. After developing and personally applying the anger elimination tools and techniques he presents in his books and has taught to thousands, he says with great peace and joy, "I feel peaceful and happy every day."

Learn how YOU can deactivate your anger buttons and bring peace into your life with your mate, children, family, friends and co-workers - your whole world. YOU, too, deserve to be happy all of the time and live a life filled with peace, joy and love.

Find out how The Dean can help you...

Dr. Sheldon D. Cohen

Dr. Sheldon D. Cohen has been a partner, consultant, and instructor with Life Without Anger (LWA), Oregon, USA for over 10 years. In his association with Dr. Dean van Leuven he has assisted in the marketing and development of the applications of his works integrating emotional literacy with Life Without Anger. Prior to joining LWA Sheldon served as an instructor in the Los Angeles County Juvenile Court education department, as an Adjunct Professor of Business Management at Redlands University in California, and as a Professor of Educational Psychology at California State University at Northridge. 


Dr. Cohen has a broad spectrum of experience in management and marketing and has taught on levels 6th grade through graduate school.  He has also served as a medical lab technician, social case worker, and counselor in the psychiatric ward of a major hospital. He has served as a curriculum specialist and designer, consultant in multi-cultural education, adjunct professor at the University of Redlands (20 years), California State University at Northridge Psychology (10 Years), and instructor at UCLA (5 years). 


Dr. Cohen obtained his doctorate in Institutional Management from Pepperdine University Malibu, California, USA, and a Masters in Secondary Education at California State University, California, USA with a major in Psychology as well as his Baccalaureate in Biology.  He took his work for counseling credentials at Loyola University of Los Angeles, California, USA. Additional graduate study was under a National Science Foundation Grant for one year at the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque, as well as additional study at San Jose State, UCLA, and USC.


While serving on the Curriculum and Multicultural Committees for Los Angeles County Court Schools Dr. Cohen consulted on Multicultural Relations and Curriculum in Los Angeles, California. During this time he presented the following papers, A New Approach to Teaching Multi-Cultural Studies”, “Dealing with Controversial Issues in the Classroom – A Paradox for Institutional  Educators”, ” Some Myths Associated with Educational Institutional Minority Youth”,” Increasing Achievement Through Equity”,  and “Some Psychological Considerations of Behavioral Bargaining and Informal Contracting in Institutional Teaching.” and “Management Study of the Division of Special Schools – Los Angeles County.” 

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