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What UNESCO says about Dr. Dean Van Leuven and WELL...

Forward from Nepali Textbook written by Assistant Secretary General of Nepal National Commission for UNESCO

I found that the publication named  “World Without Anger” published by the Association named “World Without Anger” having  objective to develop personality and creative talent of the children is admirable.  I even found that the acts conducted by “World Without Anger” is appreciable for the purpose of seeing the children as satisfy and happy.


It is need and want of today’s era to transform the teaching of Buddha i.e. to engage for broadcasting non-violence, love and peace into life style.


Development, security and right of the children are also main interest of UNESCO.  I found that the contribution of professors of Tribhuvan University and Lumbini Buddhist University in this regard is appreciable.


The book “World Without Anger” written by Dr. Van Leuven is a pioneer step in this direction.  I want to express gratitude towards this pioneer step.  I wish brighter future for “World Without Anger” by appreciating the goal to plantation the objective of “World without Anger” in Schools and Campuses.


Bhim Lai Gurung

Assistant Secretary General

Secretariat of Nepal National Commission for UNESCO

What individuals are saying about Dr. Dean Van Leuven and WELL...

It is essential for everyone to get rid of anger.  Dr. Dean Van Leuven has rightly come up with the mission the century has called for. I  will become a part of it.


Ms. Gayatri Upadhaya, M Phil, Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital



Not only me, but even my students loved the program and they have demanded it still more in the days to come.


Ms, Sabita Bhattta, Teacher, Eureka High School, Balaju



Due to anger I had lost my best friends and now when I can manage it, I have regained them.


Mr. Manoj Shrestha, Student, Nepal Adharstha Secondary High School



This is a very useful program so it has to be implemented in all

The government and private schools of Nepal.


Mr. Prakash Phuyal, Headmaster, Kali Devi Higher Secondary School



I loved the program ”Life Without Anger” more than I expected. After I received training, I could make strong decisions and lecture positive toward life.


Mr. Sangeet Mandal, Student, Budhanilkatha School



A philanthropic and selfless initiation taken by one of the renowned academicians.  A very useful tool for the future generation in overcoming the difficulties posed by emerging complex civilization  Definitely a work towards the line of Buddha.


Mr. Ramesh Nath Dowadi, Vice Principal, Budhanilkatha School



LWAET Program should be incorporated in the school curriculum as peace education by the Ministry of Education, Nepal.


Ms. Manju Karki Lamichhane, Founder Principle, Future Stars High School



This is a wonderful program to overcome anger and make life wealthy.  I will always be with this mission.


Mr. Kedhar Prasad Dahal, Sr. Teacher, Vishwo Niketan

Higher Secondary School



It is the truest path apart from all religious philosophies and some mind blowing doctrines that I have know hitherto.


Mr Mukunda Kadel, Sr. Teacher G.S. College, Lalitpur



After I received training on Life Without Anger, I started having good relationships with my family and friends;  I will make it an essential part of life.


Mr. Ashis Adhikari, Student, Budhanilkatha School



WWA seems to be a far fetched notion.  However, its principles are very simple, approachable and genuine.  It must be incorporated in our behavior as early as possible.  Therefore, its inclusion early in the school curriculum is very well justified.  If we can learn and teach to regulate our emotions in a proper way, then we are also curtailing untoward behavior such as aggression and violence.


Asst. Professor  Mita Rana, Clinical Psychology, Dept. of Psychiatry & Mental Health, IOM, Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH).

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