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Development of Emotional Literacy in this Millennium


Message by Dr. Dean Van Leuven


Universal education has been a great development in the world for the advancement of our human society.  Through our schools we as a society have learned how to create the great intellectual advancement that has allowed our world society to grow and prosper.


We have become intellectually literate but we have not yet learned emotional literacy. We find ourselves all too often entering into both personal and national conflicts simply because we do not possess the understanding to be able to solve our conflicts in effective ways.


We have reached the place in our intellectual education that we now understand how our emotional system functions.  Once we learned how it works we were able to develop the necessary understanding to be able to teach each individual how to understand and make changes in the way they function emotionally so they can optimize their life experience.


We introduced this program in Nepal because of your great tradition of peace as demonstrated by your ability to make a transition to a new form of governance without resorting to warfare.  Your spiritual and social traditions offer a basis that when augmented by the learning of modern science offer a path to find a way to bring peace to our world society.


World Without Anger has introduced emotional literacy training through the educational system so that everyone can learn the necessary skills to optimize their life experience on the emotional level.  Once all individuals and all societies have learned these lessons, not only will it be possible for each individual to maximize his personal life experience, but it will also make it possible for our world societies to live in peace with each other.  When we learn to live in peace our world societies will all be able to work together and use our great intellectual skills more effectively to provide a peaceful and prosperous life for all individuals and all nations on this planet.


 The introduction of emotional literacy training in the schools of Nepal by World Without Anger in Association with Lumbini Buddhist University is a great moment that all of you here have an opportunity to take part in.  I congratulate all of you for having the vision to take this step that will enrich the personal life not only of yourselves but all others whom you come in contact with.


Now as you are learning to apply these new skills I challenge you to further  develop these skills in order to achieve emotional wisdom in your own life and in our society, so that we all able to live and work together in greater harmony and ever greater personal peace.  By this I mean learn to recognize and establish beliefs that produce inner peace for yourself that also produce both harmony and well being in our world society.


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