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Our Work in Nepal

World Without Anger Nepal

SEWA-Nepal was created in 2007 to carry out this mission. The name has been changed to World Without Anger to reflect our broader purpose as we take on the responsibility of introducing Emotional Literacy training to the other countries of the world.


World Wthout Anger (WWA) is a non-governmental, non profit organization registered under the prevailing land law of the country in accordance with Societies Registration Act, 1977. It was established in August 2007 with a view to implement Emotional Intelligence Education in order to prevent the devastating effects of anger on individuals, their families, and their communities and to contribute to the Peace Process in Nepal and the world. WWA is affiliated with Life Without Anger(LWA), Oregon, USA in 2007 and LWA was founded in 2003 AD in Oregon, USA with the objective of educating and ensuring that every individual has a fundamental understanding of Anger and the other negative emotions and to teach the world society how to lead a life that is Peaceful, Meaningful and Joyful. WWA works with local and international peacekeepers to create peace in a strategic and constructive ways.


WWA works to create the anger free society Dr. Dean Van Leuven first presented to the world in his book "A Life Without Anger," in order to bring peace to the heart, home, society, nations and the world.


Historically our schools have focused on intellectual training and neglected emotional training. The intellectual training has transformed our world economically but the lack of emotional training has left us with a world society still in the emotional dark ages. WWA's programs help each individual to be successful in school, in the workplace, in society, in the world, and in life. WWA's goals are to provide training in all aspects of society, such as parenting, communities groups, government, and other service organizations.


WWA's initial program is presented as the Life Without Anger Emotional Training Program offered in schools at the Higher Secondary level. This program is being expanded to all levels of our society beginning with the home and community. The goal is to provide emotional training to transform negative emotions into positive emotions for all aspects of our society.


In the broader sense, it will spread the inclusive approach of Dr. Dean, in terms of teaching/learning, the principles of Emotional Intelligence training in the world for the mission of building World Peace.

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